Have Santa call your special child and wish them a Merry Christmas or remind them to be good! Santa will say their name and even what they want for Christmas!

Step 1

Choose the type of call that you would like to send

Step 2

Personalize your call using the customized drop-down boxes

Step 3

Schedule your call for later or send it now, only $4.99!

Send a personalized Santa phone call to your favorite little helper!

Have Santa call and personally wish your special child a very Merry Christmas!

Have Santa call your child and remind them to be Extra Special Good because Christmas is coming soon!

Put Santa's Voice on your voicemail greeting!

Have Santa greet callers and spread holiday cheer when they hear your voicemail greeting!

Let callers know that you've been a little bit naughty so Santa has to have a talk with you!

You've been busy getting into the holiday spirit, have Santa tell callers you can't come to the phone!

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